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Spy's Eye on Abu Dhabi

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Spy casts his eye over the Yas Marina Circuit and gives his musings from this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix... He's everywhere, you know.

Get Spy's full lowdown on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, as he signs off with his final column of the season here.

Next month Dan's down for the Perth Speed Fest and Dany's doing 18 simulator days in Milton Keynes. 

Daniel thinks the 'tache makes him as stylish as David Niven, and not like a rat in a cap.

Spy's not an expert – but I don't think they're really sailors.

Mercedes are that far ahead they're planned to run a CGI Lewis on Sunday.

Christian finally presents Niki with the bill for 320 Red Bull breakfasts since joining Mercedes...

... "What? You thought those croissants were for everybody?"

New camera 'Auto-Ferret' feature automatically pulls focus onto Daniel's new 'tache...

This is what you get when Pirelli don't receive as many test days as they ask for.

There's always one who doesn't take the team photo seriously

Despite the expression, Dany really hopes this isn't the last press conference he has to do this year.

Frankly, Carlos is starting to get a little bored of Max's fishing stories...

Felipe finally catches up with the bloke that nicked his sunglasses.

You really, really hope the Batmobile has the handbrake on.

Fernando explains to the media that he is thrilled the season isn't over yet and for sure he's extremely motivated for the final race.

Look, it's been a long season, alright? Spy is very grateful José and Luisa are around to tell us where we are this week.

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