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SPY Gives it the Spa Treatment

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Well, here we are, sun-drenched Spa-Francorchamps on the Ardennes Riviera. The heavy-weather gear has been banished, the umbrellas remain tightly furled and the locals are terrified, convinced the Martians have landed, never having seen people wearing mirrored sunglasses before.

That's right: for the first time in Spy's (admittedly, somewhat ropey) memory Spa seems to be drier than the Atacama desert. The sky is a funny colour, identified by our meteorologists as 'blue'. This is very unusual: Spy doesn't pack three different grades of rain jacket (wet, very wet, fishing-trawler-in-the-North-Atlantic-winter) in the expectation of getting a tan.

Of course, the paddock's already got the tan courtesy of the two weeks enforced break everyone's just returned from. The question 'what did you do on your holidays?' has been trotted out with the monotonous regularity usually reserved for school children on the first day of the new term. But just in case you're interested, the top answer is "nothing". Perhaps unsurprisingly, more time spent at airports and in hotels is about as popular as root canal. A surprisingly large number of the paddock seem to be quite enthusiastic for cycling and camping though – but that all seems a bit too energetic for Spy.

...and for our drivers, apparently. While some of their peers were busy being papped around the world's most exclusive fleshpots, Dan and Dany showed all the spirit of adventure commonly found in field mice. Much to the frustration of the comms department on the lookout for an interesting post-break story they confessed to spending their holidays "hanging out at home." Dany, at least, went to Sardinia for a couple of days but Daniel had a staycation – sunning himself at home and resolutely ignoring any texts from Milton Keynes containing cricket scores. Fortunately Christian rescued our reputation as a devil-may-care extreme team on the ragged edge by taking a plunge off a rubber dinghy. Mrs Horner supported her man by promptly tweeting video and giving us all a giggle. Not that we'd be so childish as to slow it down and set it to music or anything.

Here at Spa it's equally full-on. Dany's been blasting around out on track in the Red Bull Extreme Hummer and Dan's been receiving the entirely predictable response in the garage following his new-found love of warbling on Instagram. The boy's got a future in cabaret. Probably not as a singer though.

The mood around the garage is one of cautious optimism. Finishing the first half of the year with both cars on the podium was pretty good after a few torrid months and the belief is that, despite the Hungaroring obviously suiting us, we can build on that performance with a better second half of the season. The races come thick and fast now: pretty exciting for fans but a source of some apprehension around the pitlane. In fact, after the pleasantries about holidays, the figure of nine races in 15 weeks is usual the topic the conversation turns to next. And not in a good way.


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