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Next race: October 11, 2015


Sochi Olympic Park Circuit, RU

14˚ 57˚ CURRENT
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RACE DISTANCE: 309.745km



How to click into gear on our new website!

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If there’s one thing Formula One is famous for it’s the sport’s never-ending quest to innovate – a ceaseless desire to make things better, faster and more responsive.

So, for the past few months, we've had a crack team of designers and programmers – technically known as 'the web geeks in the corner' – slaving over white hot keyboards and flickering screens, in order to build a better website for Infiniti Red Bull Racing. And, even if we do say so ourselves, we think they've done a pretty good job.

For a start, we've made things simpler and more user friendly. We've gone for an easy-to-navigate magazine style format and our new infiniti-redbullracing.com homepage is structured around all the latest team news, videos and photo galleries.

Like all the best stories, though, ours has many layers and the new website rewards deeper exploration and every mouse click reveals more and more related content, building to form a record of the team's on and off-track activities, as well giving insights into the key work undertaken by our partners in keeping us at the cutting edge of F1 competition.

If you can't see what you want on the home page, the purple square next to the logo in the top left is your friend! Click there for the full menu to find out about the Team, Drivers, Car, Races, Off Track Events, the Live Demo Events that you can attend, Games and more!

Alternatively go to the top of the page and hover with your mouse to filter by subject, type of content. You can select your chosen topic then click for Articles, Audio, Events or Videos – and search through hundreds of videos, articles and photos that reveal how we prepare, how we race, and, of course, how we relax when we're not battling for points and prizes at the world's grand prix circuits.

We've also integrated all our social media networks into infiniti-redbullracing.com, so no matter how you follow us you're guaranteed to get all the latest Infiniti Red Bull Racing news, as content will be shared across every channel.

Check out the new site and all it has to offer and lets us know what you think at


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